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Sometimes the best thing to do is… nothing

It’s been a while since I’ve been writing on this blog. For a while I was working at 3M as an FTE and writing publicly was difficult.

Then last year I did something unbelievable… I just walked away from my job and my obligations for an entire year. My wife and I decided that it was the right time to do… nothing — at least nothing work related. We had been thinking, planning, and saving for several years and we had planned to do this in 2020 before the world melted down around us.

At that time, my wife was working in the food industry and was super busy with her work, and I was in the 3M Personal Safety Division that makes N95 masks, so needless to say – 2020 was a very busy year for us. By the time 2021 rolled around, we were ready for a break. I asked 3M for a six-month unpaid leave and they said “No – that is not allowed!“, so I quit and walked out the door.

We spent a glorious year wandering around the country in our RV, driving 33,000 miles through 33 states and 18 national parks, with nothing on my calendar but the reservations for the next two weeks. It was a great time to recharge and relax.

My advice — don’t wait! Think ahead 10 years — are you going to be upset that you did something spectacular that took a lot of time and money, or be more upset that you missed out on doing something spectacular? (Duh!)
Don’t wait — Today is Someday!

But – all good things must come to an end and eventually our pile of cash we had set aside for this adventure ran out, and we came back home to reset and find a new job. I was fortunate to land a position at Microsoft as a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, and now I’m able to start blogging again with some great new information.

I’ve deleted most of the content on this blog from the past eras as it was severely outdated but kept a few throwback articles just because they made me smile.

Stay tuned — I’ve got some interesting stuff that I’ve been working on that I’ll be writing about, centering around modern app development on the Azure platform, specifically topics like automated CI/CD, provisioning, containers, DAPR, Blazor, and more – oh my!

I recommend you start with this great series on my DevOps Journey the last few months – enjoy!





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