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Part 10: Convert Azure DevOps Pipelines to a GitHub Actions

(Part 10 in a 10-part series)

If you (like me) are very experienced with Azure DevOps pipelines, you may be wondering how you can flex that knowledge into being able to create GitHub Actions… Well – the answer is on the horizon… the GitHub Actions Pipeline Importer!

The project is currently in preview, so this is a bit of a sneak peek at some of the functionality coming your way soon. The tool will not only import Azure DevOps pipelines, it will also import Jenkins, GitLab, Travis, and more!

From the command line, you are prompted for the connection specifics the first time, then it will convert your pipelines into actions. The second time it remembers your info and just starts the conversion. I’ve been using the “dry-run” command to drop these converted actions into a test folder, where I can examine them and clean them up as needed.

Once I ran this command with the proper security settings, the GitHub actions were created in the folder as shown. Yes – they were not ready to be run without a little massaging, but they did convert what they could into the appropriate actions and gave me a great starting place. In some cases, there were no actions that corresponded in GitHub, like this step that runs an Azure DevOps specific security scanner:

All in all – a pretty successful experiment for a pre-release product! Once it’s released officially, I’ll post some more details here about how it works.


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