Posted by: lluppes | January 11, 2016

Even More Interesting things I saw at CES 2016!

Part 3 of 3.    Part 1 is available here, and Part 2 is available here.

The event was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center and 6 other sites near there, with 170,000+ attendees, 3,800+ companies presenting, 2.4 million square feet of exhibits.  I walked about 6 miles a day while I was there.


No trip to CES would be complete without a visit to the 3M booth


And also a visit to the NRG booth


And I was able to watch a taping of a CNET Top 10 Show with Brian Cooley and take a load off my feet for a few minutes:



One of the most publicized items of the week was the eHang personal quad copter.  This isn’t a toy that you fly around to take pictures…  this is like the Jetsons flying car, and it’s real (sort of…!)  They are talking about 23 minutes of battery life and the potential to fly up to 11,000 feet (does that sound like a good idea?!!), and retailing for $200,000-300,000.  It’s still under development, but don’t hold your break the the FAA to approve this anytime soon! Still kinda cool to see it!


“Dr. Fuji’s Cyber Body Slimmer”

As I was walking around, I found this gadget that actually felt pretty good.  You stand on it and it shakes and jiggles your body like crazy.  Reminds me of one of those 70’s machines with the belt that shook you up.  But – after miles of walking, it did feel pretty good on my legs!


Dream Monitor Setup

I recently bought a sweet new 28″ 4K monitor to replace the dual monitors on my home office desk (which is awesome!).  Then at CES I saw this setup and it makes me wonder if I don’t need three new curved monitors to put below the big one…???  This looks really sweet!


The Furo-S Robot

Very strange, awkward looking, and kinda creepy actually… but amusing!  (And only $9,990!)


Hauwei Mate 8

Hauwei made the recent Google Next 6P, which was very highly received.  This Mate 8 looks awesome and has been released in China and some other countries, but the US (yet… not sure when or if…).  Huge screen and huge battery – direct competitor to the Galaxy S6.


LG Dual Washer

Very interesting — the washer has a separate second washer so you can do two loads at once.  The second on on the bottom is small, but would be perfect for the small loads.  Seems to me like it would be a waste of money to pay for two washers – and one more thing to break down!


Samsung Smart Fridge

Everyone was all excited about this and it got a lot of press.    You can order your groceries right from the door through a delivery service (so what? use your computer!)  The ONLY thing that I thought would be useful and interesting here are the door cameras — every time you shut the door it take a picture of the interior and uploads it to the cloud.  When you are at the store, you can just pull out your phone and look to see if you have enough of something… I think that’s a great idea!

Here’s my take:  I don’t want a fridge or a TV with a built in computer!  I want those devices to last for 20 years, and the computer will be obsolete in 3 years, leaving me with buyers remorse for 17 years…!  I just want a good fridge and a great TV display, then I’ll add an inexpensive smart device (like a Roku!) that I can replace as needed.



Interesting shoe that buckles sort of itself (a.k.a. Back to the Future?), tracks your step, and has a built in light.  Again… why do we need this???



Now this was a device that could be useful if you have a lot of windows.  This thing is like a Roomba for windows – put it on the glass and it crawls around till the entire window has been washed.  If you had a large and tall glass tower that lived in, this would be perfect for keeping it clean!
Although – it is shown cleaning glass shower stalls, which would be kind of nice if it worked well!  (about $350 on Amazon)


LinkSys Router

Here’s one that I think I may end up purchasing… a super high speed router for the home.  I’ve been a bit frustrated by my current home network, so this may be the solution.  It’s not cheap (~$400 shipping soon), but promises to do a lot.


That’s all, folks!

That’s it for my CES summary – hope it was interesting!



  1. […] Part 2 of 3.    Part 1 is available here, and Part 3 is available here. […]

  2. […] Part 1 of 2.    Part 2 is available here, and Part 3 is available here. […]

  3. […] Part 1 of 3.    Part 2 is available here, and Part 3 is available here. […]

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