Posted by: lluppes | January 9, 2016

More Interesting things I saw at CES 2016

Part 2 of 3.    Part 1 is available here, and Part 3 is available here.

More things that I saw at CES today…  The bandwidth here isn’t the greatest so I haven’t uploaded a lot of photos.  I’ll add those soon…

Beam Light Bulb Projector

Beam is a very interesting light bulb with a projector and an Android device built into it.  It can project light down onto your surface, or project the screen of the Android device.  So – the things you see in movies or concept videos like projecting a recipe onto the countertop would be very possible with this.



Not for me, but interesting – headphones that are small, flat, and memory foam, so you go to sleep with them in your ears.



Turns your smartphone into a 3D camera


Garman Bike Radar

Warns you if vehicles are approaching from behind you.


Smart Halo

More smarts to put on your bike.


BrydgeMini for iPad

Nice small keyboard that fits the iPad mini well and makes it look like a little iPad Air


PDP Super Charger

Recharge your Xbox controller in 60 seconds…  wow!


DisplEver E-Ink Touch Screen

This little screen uses E-Ink to display the contents, which makes it very low energy.  It has no power or battery, but draws its energy from indoor lighting (like solar, but needs very low lumens).  Decent touch screen capabilities.  Looks like you might have to write your own custom app in Java…?


Joan Meeting Room Display

This is a nice little E-Ink display to put outside of a meeting room for scheduling the room.  Limited application but might be nice for some places. Shipping in March for about $350.




This little device might find a place in my home soon – it lets you configure the vents to customize the airflow through them.  I have an issue with the upper floor of our house always being warmer than the lower floors, so this might be an easy way to fix that.


Kino-Mo Hologram Display

This was an awesome looking hologram displayer and drew a huge crowd oohing and aahing looking at the pretty holograms.



Awesome idea to add a Heads Up Display to an existing car.  This uses your smart phone and a navigation app, then puts that onto a glass display in front of you, so you see it through the windshield.  I saw a similar concept in action when I test drove a BMW M3 at CES this week, only their display was out over the hood.  This one would be up on your dash inside the window, but it’s a LOT cheaper then the BMW!  It’s a KickStarter project and will be shipping to backers soon, but you can preorder one for future delivery later this year.


The Welt

Samsung made a smart belt that’s pretty interesting…  measures your waistline and counts your steps.  Still in the labs and not available to consumers yet…


Influx WiFi Enhancer

The idea here is that you just put this passive device under your wifi router, and your signal will get much stronger.  Great concept if it works as well as they claim.



Off the Beaten Path a little Bit…  or a lot…

Softceptor Internet Enabled Underpants

The guy in the booth could barely speak English, so I didn’t get much info, but he kind of pointed and chuckled at this when he saw me take a picture…   Click the picture to see more info.  There are things in this world that to not need connectivity or to be measured, and I think this is one of them…!


I couldn’t find a link to the product, but I bet they use this sensor…!

B-Sensory Little Bird

The world’s first smart vibrator driven by reading a book.  When you get to the right passage in the book, well…  you can probably imagine the rest…


Coway Clinical Bidet

Looks like this might be an interesting add-on/upgrade to your bathroom (not for me though!)


This is still not as cool as the add-on I have in my bathroom (I got it from KickStarter)
The Illumibowl Night Light


Continued in Part 3



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