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50 Interesting things I saw at CES 2016

Part 1 of 3.    Part 2 is available here, and Part 3 is available here.

I was fortunate to attend CES this year as part of the 3M delegation.  CES 2016 was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center and 6 other hotels nearby, with 170,000+ attendees, 3,800+ companies presenting, 2.4 million square feet of exhibits.  I walked about 6 miles a day while I was there.


This post is a quick summary of a few of the really interesting things I saw this week that would have interest to my friends.

SleepNumber bed IT monitor

I’ve used fitness bands to track sleep before, but they are annoying and awkward, so I usually stop wearing them after a couple of nights.  This device automatically tracks your sleep each night, and can then make recommendations about your sleep number to help you sleep better.  It does this by replacing the air pump on your bed and uses that to measure subtle changes in the air pressure to document your sleep habits.  They said the mattress is embedded with sensors, but it’s really just the pump…  You can upgrade your existing Sleep Number bed, so I think I’ll be getting one of these very very soon!


(See also Samsung Sleepsense which does a similar thing for any bed – described below and coming soon)

Netatmo Presence and Welcome

I love the concept for these webcam monitoring systems.  The Welcome is out now, Presence coming out later this year.  Welcome is designed for in the house, and will notify you when it sees people and will recognize them also.  Presence is more for your driveway – it’s an outdoor light with motion detector.  It’s smart and only detects cars, people, and animals, and can then record those interactions, and notify you if you want.  We can’t see our driveway well, so this could be very useful.
I want one of these, and may end up with both of these. Welcome is about $169.  Not sure about Presence.


Fitbit Blaze

Nice looking smart watch – a really good evolution of the FitBit (with a WinPhone app).  This is a smarter fitness watch that looks nice, as opposed to a smart watch that has a fitness tracker.  Available in March for about $200.   Very tempting…


Halo Smoke Detector/CO2/Weather

Nice smoke detector that is smart enabled, also does CO2, and monitors weather alerts – coming later this year.  This was an indegogo crowd-funded project that seems to have made it to reality.


Canon Selphy

Super nice portable 4×6 photo printer (older models available).  A new one just announced today is coming soon.  This would be fun to have at a party of family gathering to print photos.  Another thought was that my mother-in-law prints tons of photos for albums, and this would be really nice to be able to print them at home easily.


Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector

Very cool small projector they used to put videos up on walls and ceilings for ambient room setup.  They had several in a concept home, putting an 147″ 4K TV picture on one wall, then another one to put a TV on the ceiling above your bed, another one showing a fireplace on a wall, etc.   Used the big wall to set the ambiance in a room by projecting a huge nature scene with nature sounds to make your room seem like the outdoors.  Much like the movies did but real (i.e. Minority Report, Total Recall)
Available summer 2016 – no pricing available yet.

*** Update:  there is a reason I liked this so much…  On the Sony web site it lists a suggested retail price of ….   $50,000  !!!!  ****


Magnavox Over the Air DVR

Magnavox is making a nice looking DVR for cord cutters – with no monthly subscription fee.  Looks pretty nice actually.  $400-600 available Q4 2016.  More…

Smarty Pans – the connected Skillet

I think this is taking that connected kitchen a bit too far.   Are you really going to take the time every meal to tell the pan what ingredients you are putting in it…? If you do, it calculates calories and nutritional info for you and tracks it.  More…

Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush

They said this toothbrush was Bluetooth connected, but it’s really not – it’s for kids and only connects and tracks how long it runs when you push the button… 😦

More on kids brush…
However, they also had an interesting new tongue brush add-on for the brush which looked pretty nice.
More on Tongue Brush

Push for Prota – the Robotic finger

Quirky device that may be useful for pressing a button on a non internet enabled device, like a on/off button.  Started on indegogo.


Eve air quality sensor

Tests your indoor air quality and then has a large orb that glows green/red based on quality… interesting…



This little device let’s you text another person that has one of these.  I could see this being very useful in wilderness or in urban emergencies or maybe on overseas family vacations where not everyone has connectivity.  Not sure where else…


Intel Compute Stick

Tiny little computer on a USB stick that you just plug into a TV and it works.  Released last year but with anemic specs that didn’t work great.  This year it was upgraded from last year with much better specs (but higher prices also…)  More…

GoSun solar cooker

Nice solar oven (recently featured on Top Chef)  Has some huge potential for someone (just not much for me…!)


Samsung Galaxy TabPro s (win10)

Nice little two in 1 tablet coming out soon, limited to 4G RAM, 128G SSD, and Core M (DualCore 2.2G) processor.  Not the best specs, and no price point yet.  If it’s cheap enough, it could make a nice competitor for the Surface.



Chip the robot dog

The dog develops its own personality…   Much of the fun of a dog, but without the hassle…?  But at least this one won’t pee on my carpet!



Ninebot Segway Robot

Ride it, then let it turn into a robot when you’re not riding it.  (Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure my wife won’t let a Segway within 100 yards of our house!)




Smart water bottle measures what you drink, and then you can add in supplements and track that as well.  Interesting, but again – I’m not sure where the value is in adding this tech to a simple device…   More…

Vahanna VR SW

This was awesome!  It did a livecast of a 3D video feed to the internet using GoPros (or similar) then those feeds through this software, up to the cloud, then anyone could view it on their 3D viewer.  They had a live feed of the convention going that you could view on Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.




This looks like a competitor to the Netatmo Welcome, but it with 360 face tracking capability.   The hardware looks good, but I wonder if the software is as good as Netatmos…?



Eyelock Iris id

I could see this as being useful for a future replacement id for ATM pin code and foiling the ATM skimmers.


Samsung SleepSense

Put a sensor under the mattress (1 per person) and it monitors heart, breathing, motion (coming soon around $200-250)



Let’s kids easily program behaviors into a ball with motion sensors and lights.  More…

Norelco Series 7000 Smart Razor

Connected to show you how much you shaved, then you said if your sking was irritated or not and then tells you not to shave tomorrow…




Fitness apparel (i.e. socks) with sensors sewn into socks that track heart, gait, etc. and help you learn to run properly…



iNail Printer

3D Printer for your nails, pick a design, put your finger in, and you have a custom nail in seconds.  Pretty cool.  Available now for $2900…  seems like you could do a pretty cool little business at small shows and make that back pretty quickly.




Video chat with your pet…  strange idea (a former colleague is working on this)  More…


Continued in Part 2, and Part 3



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