Posted by: lluppes | December 5, 2014

The Internet of Convoluted Things


I saw this blog entry today and it really hit a note with me.

We are advancing towards a world of home automation and smart devices, and for all of us technical geeks – that’s great!  However, it’s just not workable for normal people.

Think about the new enabled light bulbs…  to turn on the light bulb you have to  1) find your phone  2) unlock your phone  3) start the light bulb app  4) tap the bulb to turn it on.  I might find it really cool that I could do that from my phone or tablet.

Most normal people (like my wife) would look at you and say – why wouldn’t I just flip the switch on the wall…?  isn’t that easier?  so…  now you’ve succeeded in making the light bulb more difficult to use?

As we embark on the journey towards smart connected devices, we need to think hard about these things and figure out how to design the devices and the surrounding ecosystems so that things are easier to use and provide value – not just create IOT enabled things because we can.



What do you think?

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