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Coincidence…? I think not!

2022 Note: this is a throwback from 2012 that made me laugh! It’s not every day that your idea gets featured in a keynote at the MS Build Conference!

In my book “Delivering Mobile-Friendly Websites with MVC4“, I show how you can create a custom theme for your mobile website using jQuery.Mobile ThemeRoller, and in Chapter 6 I specifically show how you could create a theme that resembles that most famous of themes from Windows 3.1 – HotDog Stand.

I’ve been inspired by Scott Hanselmann’s blogs and presentations, so when I met him earlier this year at “That Conference“, I talked to him for a while and gave him a copy of my book as a thank you for inspiring me.

Today at the Microsoft Build Conference, Scott Hanselmann and John Galloway were presenting on ASP.NET, and I have to say I got a little surprise that brought a smile to my face.  During that presentation, Scott showed how to use the jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller and did it by creating…  the HotDog Stand theme!!!

Coincidence?  I think not! 

Not that I’m complaining or anything – after all, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Scott – you’re welcome!  Feel free to use my examples any time!

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