Posted by: lluppes | March 15, 2012

Lyle’s MVC4 FoodTruck is released!

I’ve been working for a while on a project and I’m pleased to announce my first NuGet package has been deployed!  Some of you that I’ve known for a while know that I’ve created many ASP code generators over the past 15 year (hard to believe it’s been that long!)   Recently the emphasis has been on making websites mobile friendly, so I’ve been incorporating that into these templates.  You can look back on this blog and see several entries about how to create mobile friendly websites.

With the advent of MVC4 and NuGet, it became much easier to distribute this application to others.   I converted my code to fit into the “Recipe” model, and decided to rename this app to the The MVC4 FoodTruck, since a Food Truck is a way to quickly create good food based on a recipe that’s also very mobile.

If you search NuGet for “recipe”, you’ll see I’m one of the first out there with a functional recipe that does something useful.  (If you don’t find it there, just search for FoodTruck)  You will need to install MVC4 first, then you can create an MVC4 website from the standard “Internet” template in Visual Studio 2010, and then run this recipe.  Point to a database, pick a table from a list, and the tool will generate a full complement of items, including Models, LINQ Data access, Controllers, Views (both PC and Mobile versions), and REST API’s.

MVC4 looks awesome.  This recipe will give you a quick leg up when you start using it to create mobile friendly websites or REST API interfaces.  Try it out and let me know what you think!

Stay tuned for some demos and posts on MVC4, Recipes, and Mobile Websites in the very near future!


NuGet Package:

Project Home Page:

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