Posted by: lluppes | November 7, 2011

Cross Platform Development Notes

I attended the Twin Cities DotNet User Group meeting on 11/3 and listened to a pretty interesting talk by Scott Olson from ITR-Mobility about cross platform development.

One term he used that I liked for mobile devices was “Disruptive Innovation“, referring to the effect that these things have had on enterprise IT.

Scott is working on a open source platform called MonoCross – a cross platform development layer that works on top of Mono to let you build apps that run on web, IOS, Android, WP7, etc. It uses an MVC pattern, and lets you reuse the MC part on all platforms, and just build unique views for each platform — pretty much the same concept we are doing here on the mobile web development, but working across native applications. It did look very intriguing. There is a new version coming out in November, and he a 3 others are working on a book about it that will be released in January.
MonoCross Site:
ITR-Mobility Company site:

One of his co-workers wrote a book on the effect the iPad is having on the enterprise, and strategies to effectively use them:


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